I am delighted to share with Perfect 10 SF readers one of my most favorite recent collaborations! A long-time fan of Aerin, the granddaughter of Estée Lauder, I was eager to see her collection with Williams-Sonoma!! 

I had the opportunity to check it out two weeks ago when I was downtown at William-Sonoma at Union Square picking up this table cloth (last seen here and our favorite addition to our home). I love Aerin and her complete effortlessness.

My favorite pieces in the collaboration, which surprised me, are the linens! I loved the light blue linen napkins and table runner. I also loved the gold heart dish, and of course the blue scalloped plates. Now that we have a true formal dining room I am even more interested in table settings and table top essentials.

This beautiful collection launched just in time for Memorial Day and is making me dream of a lovely outdoor brunch or dinner with these pieces!



I've been a long-time fan of J.McLaughlin ever since I was first introduced to them a few years ago. I wore their comfortable clothes throughout my pregnancy-- even though they weren't technically maternity clothes, they were the most comfortable items I wore (Look at my teeny tiny bump at 19 weeks with Lillian here!)!!

I love J.McLaughlin for this casual, care-free East Coast vibes. I also loved that since the brand was new to California not that many people in San Francisco knew about it. Well, all of that is about to change with their new stores in Danville and Lafayette!

I have heard such great things about the East Bay, especially Lafayette (where my sister Colleen works!!) and Danville, that I suggested to Jesse we go for a Saturday night in the 'burbs! I loved leaving the City and heading out east to explore downtown Danville, which I hadn't been to in years (not since we played in the Athenian basketball tournament my Junior year of high school!!!). I feel pretty comfortable with the Peninsula and North Bay but other than Berkeley, I don't spend too much time in the east bay.

The J.McLaughlin store on Hartz Street in downtown Danville is adorable! I loved the dark two-tone blue exterior with the marigold door. I can't wait to come back and spend more time on this adorable street-- rookie city girl move, everything closed earlier than I had expected!

Be sure to check out the new J.McLaughlin store in Danville! It's so adorable and they have great pieces!


Thank you to J.McLaughlin for sponsoring this post. I am thankful to work with companies that I adore!


Thank you everyone for reading yesterday's post where I shared answers to some FAQs! I know everyone has questions that they really want to know about the blogging industry and I am always happy to share.

For today's #TravelTuesday post I am delighted to introduce you to Holiday House in Palm Springs. This hotel was originally built in 1951 by architect Herbert W. Burns. He was one of the main architects responsible for the iconic style of Palm Springs, that eventually became known as Mid-Century. It operated for years under the name The Chase Hotel before being sold in 2017 and slapped with some paint and decorated by Mark Sikes.

It's really quite funny because what is old is new again, literally. Palm Springs was always a retirement place for people who wanted to live in the desert. It's pretty much the Florida of Calfornia. It's a golfer's paradise and it's a fun family destination if you want to lay poolside all day. 

It was never really "cool" until Coachella arrived in 1999. But it didn't get really cool until like five years ago. Everyone loves the colorful Saguaro hotel, which I stayed at years ago when it first opened and was empty and no one was there (!!), and the so-cool-but-I'm-not-trying Ace Hotel, and of course, the California-Palm-Springs chic (very expensive) Parker Hotel designed by Jonathan Adler.

If I sound jaded, I'm not! Ha! I just loved going to Palm Springs as a kid with my family and have enjoyed going back for fun weekend trips and bachelorette parties. I'm honestly a little bummed that Palm Springs is becoming so cool! It used to be a quiet desert hideaway. I am pretty convinced this hotel is just going to make it cooler and cooler.

I kind of want to be bitter at Palm Springs for growing but I can't be. It is too fun, too special, and too close for me to hate on. Plus, this Holiday House is pretty much me in a hotel! I can't wait to visit! But of course, I will have to wait until the off-season and head down there in the fall. 

Holiday House

Rates: $199-$499 a night


Happy Travels!





Happy Monday and Happy Birthday to my mother, Celine! We had a blast celebrating her this weekend. Last Friday I did a Q and A on Instagram and honestly I have a blast doing them. I had a few follow-up questions that I got afterwards that I wanted to answer, as well as a few questions that I get from readers via email. So without futher ado...

How long have you been blogging for? It's hard to believe but I've been blogging for over three years. It has gone by so quickly and I have loved all of the fun opportunities I have had because of my blog.

I want to start a blog. What should I do? Come up with a name, come up with some topics and start writing. My only suggestion is to think if you really want a blog or if you want to use a different platform. I love blogging because I love to write (even if there are a few typos here and there :)). Some people might prefer to have an Instagram account or Facebook page.

Where is your favorite place to shop? Ha! Any place that is having a sale. I love a good price and usually shop at places that are always having a sale- J.Crew and Banana Republic. People are often surprised that I don't spend a lot of time shopping. And I definitely don't like to spend a lot of time shopping online. I'd rather read a book or write. But one of my favorite stores is Club Monaco. I like their feminine styles and structured pieces.

Why do you share so much of Lillian online/social media? I mostly get this question from other moms who are trying to figure out if they want to share pictures of their children on social media or not. I've always seen my blog as a place to document the fun things happening. One of my parenting philosophies is to respect children the same way I respect adults (truthfully, I try and respect everyone equally) and so I never post photos of her without clothes on or anything embarrassing.

How do you afford all of the nice things you have. I am not offended by this question at all. I think we all do this- wonder how people can afford such nice things. I've been fortunate to have received gifts over the years, purchased a few things when I was a single gal that are timeless, receive gifts from brands, and make money from my blog.

How do you make money from your blog?  When I first started blogging this was a question that I got asked all of the time from friends, acquaintances and even strangers. At first, I felt uncomfortable talking about it but I realized that people were genuinely curious about the blogging industry. Like I have mentioned before, the blogging industry has changed so much since I started three years ago. While I am fortunate to make money from a few projects, I am happy that it is not my sole source of income. I have a few clients for my marketing and content creation company, Curran Creative, and make the majority of my income that way.

A few years ago, everyone thought that bloggers made money from online advertisements. That used to be the case, but only if you had very high traffic. Otherwise, it was just cents. Now bloggers make money through affiliate links, which are special coded url links that when you click on them track your purchases and give a referral commission to the blogger. I don't use affiliate links anymore because I would rather share what I like instead of worrying about commissions.

The main way I make money is from sponsored posts. This is when brands pay you to write about their product or service. I try and do no more than 1-2 sponsored post per month. I get emails daily about sponsored posts but truthfully I decline unless I have used the product before and really like it, or the company was started by a female.

How much money do you make on a sponsored post? I wish I could answer that with a specific number but I have signed contracts that disable me from saying. However, I know everyone is curious so I will say that it ranges from a few hundred dollars to a large amount. One post was enough for me to purchase a new handbag I wanted.

How much money do you spend on Lillian's clothes? We are very fortunate to receive beautiful gifts from brands for Lillian and so I actually spend very little on her clothes.

What's your least favorite part about blogging? Hmmm...I don't really have one. I've enjoyed all of the aspects about it- I get to be creative, write, have wonderful experiences, capture great moments and develop new skills like photography. I love how I am always learning.

I know that a lot of bloggers complain about how competitive blogging is and how it's hard to not compare yourselves to others. Truthfully, and I probably sound crazy for saying this, but my mom always raised us to stay in our own lanes, focus on what we were doing and not compare ourselves to anyone else. I've been fortunate to not really care what others think or do and for some reason I'm not a jealous person. I have a happy disposition and don't let what others are doing bother me. I'm grateful that this is just who I am because I have heard of bloggers in tears and feeling bad about themselves.

Where do you see your blog going? I will keep writing it as long as it's fun and safe for our family.

Are you going to have more kids? Are you pregnant now? Ha! I can't tell you how many times I have gotten this question asked of me recently! No, I am not pregnant right now and no, it's not one of those things where I'm lying and in six weeks announce that I'm pregnant. Ha! Jesse and I want to have three kids but we also want them to be not too close and not too far apart. 

Everyone thinks because we love Lillian so much that we'll only have one child. But the truth is, the more I fall in love with her the more I want to have another baby soon. She is ready for a sibling but we have a lot of things to take into consideration- our careers, finances, lifestyle, home buying plans, yada, yada, yada.

Since you post so many photos of yourself you think you're really pretty, huh? It's definitely a funny world that we live in where posting photos of yourself standing all alone holding a purse is totally normal and somewhat acceptable. When I first started the blog it was all about shoes and I wanted it to be anonymous. People wanted to know who was behind the perfect 10 shoes so I started posting of myself. People like to have a connection with who's work they are reading. This is going to sound crazy but I've never really cared that much about my appearance. I like to look nice and have my outward appearance reflect how I feel.

You hardly post images of your friends on your blog. Do you have any friends? I love this question! I don't post a lot of photos or content about other people and family because some people don't want to be shown publicly. One friend can't because she's a lawyer and wants to be a judge and has to pretty much keep a very low online profile. I also prefer to be present with friends and family instead of snapping photos.

What would people most surprised to learn about you? My family and friends know this, but I am really just a happy-go-lucky woman who loves the simple life. I've been laughing because I think I am a little bit more hippie than I realized-- thank you summer of love anniversary. I don't have a big ego and I think kindness is the most important thing. Oh, and of course laughter and not stressing about the little things.






Happy Saturday morning! I'm not sure if this happens to anyone else but I find that I am SO bright eyed and bushy tailed on Saturday mornings! During the week I like getting up early but for some reason Saturdays I am AWAKE! 

Most Saturdays we get an early start and have a light breakfast together, if we're not heading out of the city to Sonoma for the weekend, Jesse will usually play basketball at USF or head to a coffee shop to do a little work. Lillian and I take our time hanging around the house in our pajams (her night dress is from our favorite Roberta Roller Rabbit), cleaning, blasting music, and currently her new favorite thing is playing with tools. She wakes up in the morning and the FIRST thing she says is, "TOOLS?". It's hilarious because her voice inflection sounds like a very excited question.

Mornings and mostly nights have been a little different around here since Lillian climbed out of her crib last Friday morning. We transitioned her to a toddler bed, which reintroduced her to the tools and inspired her sincere interest. 

Us girls are going to head out to run a few errands, have some fun and maybe get some lunch. You can usually find us Saturday mornings at Heartbaker having the huevos rancheros.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



One of my favorite places to go in San Francisco is Noe Valley Bakery. They are my one-stop shop for birthday cakes, pastries, and a good decaf latte. I was delighted to hear a few months ago that they were opening another location in West Portal! 

I was invited to their opening party but couldn't make it because I had Caitlin's birthday celebrations. I was happy to pop by the new location yesterday, nibble on my favorite cookie (who am I kidding? I ate the whole thing and then had a sugar headache) and get some work done.

The space is really darling: cute, without trying too hard and the pastries are just as good as ever! It is fun to see it bustling with the after school crowd! 

I hope you check out Noe Valley Bakery in Noe and West Portal this weekend!



Two weekends ago I had the special privilege to visit Marin Country Mart for a Mother's Day celebration (read the original post here). The day started off with the Enzyme Facial at International Orange! This was so incredible and I am so glad that I did it!

I've had facials over the years and for some reason, my go-to plan is to always get the basic facial and I never even look at the other offerings. Maybe it's a price thing, maybe it's an unfamiliarity thing, but either way, I feel like I am not going to do that anymore! The Enzyme Facial was a game-changer!!

Whenever I receive a service from a professional I approach it with the attitude that we are working together to make me feel and look better. It always surprises people when I say that I like to talk, ask a lot of questions, and learn through the process together. I mean, how often are you with a professional in a field where you get an hour of their time?? When I am with my friend Michelle who is the owner of Lyon Street Salon and she is doing my hair I always ask her a million questions. She has taught me so much about hair care and beauty and I am so appreciative.

So when I was at International Orange and had the opportunity to meet my esthetician (I can't believe I spelled that correctly on my first try) Summer, I told her my philosophy in talking during treatments to learn as much as possible. Summer was incredibly knowledgeable and made me feel really comfortable.

As no surprise, Summer has incredibly beautiful skin and I noticed it right away when we met in the relaxation lounge (as I was nibbling on the dark chocolate and dried apricots- yum!). I think everyone can agree that when you are doing some sort of treatment- hair, skin, nails, body- there is a vulnerability to showing your true self to someone else. Sure, we see our naked bodies and bare faces and stray hairs every day, but something about sharing that with others is so intimate. My friend Michelle always talks about how intimate it is to do people's hair. This vulnerability or intimacy is what, I think, causes many people to avoid treatments, especially the ones that they would actually love!!!

I am grateful that I'm able to see the light and just go full-steam ahead with treatments!! They're so relaxing, healing, rejuvenating, and necessary. I actually love makeup and wear it because it's fun for me. But after my Enzyme facial with Summer I felt like my skin looked so great and fresh that I have been wearing no makeup most days. After my facial, I was walking around, running errands, living life make-up free and I felt really confident. 

During my treatment, I asked Summer to tell me all about herself and her story. I absolutely love hearing people's stories and when I first meet new people I always ask them to tell me about themselves. Through the course of our conversation and treatment I learned that it was her own personal journey with her skin and skincare routine that led her to become an esthetician (spelled it correctly again there too!). She was working as a wedding photographer as well as building her jewelry line when she connected with a family friend who is an estetician and inspired her to pursue this passion.

I learned from Summer about my skin type, what products I should use, and of course, I asked her all about what Jesse should use. I am really grateful for the experience because I feel like I found my "skin" person. I have Michelle who does my hair, Rainbow Salon in Noe Valley for my nails, Ronit for my massages, and now Summer for skin!! It's so important to develop relationships with trusted experts. But here's the funny thing-- you might meet Summer or any one of my "people" and they might not be a good fit for you. The point is you just need to keep searching for the right person, but I can guarantee that they are probably at International Orange!

While I love the Fillmore location for a quick drop-in appointment, I love the Marin Country Mart location for longer relaxation experiences. Be sure to check out both locations and book your appointment today!


A special thank you to the Marin Country Mart, International Orange team and Summer for my amazing complimentary experience!




This past weekend, Jesse, Lillian and I had the special privilege to attend Conservation Ambassadors "Take a Walk on the Wild Side" fundraising event at the famous Tah Mah Lah house in Portola Valley. The event was an incredible experience and we are so thankful we could participate.

"Take a Walk on the Wild Side" event is in support of the Conservation Ambassadors, a non-profit organization that raises awareness and funds to help displaced, abused, or abandoned wild or exotic animals. Sharing these animals through their Zoo to You program allows children and families to learn about conservation and protecting the planet we all inhabit.

The event was so cool! Lillian is absolutely fearless and goes up to every animal!! We were able to see over 50 animals and it was so fun to see her laughing and learning through this experience. Our favorite animals that we saw were the elephant (of course), baby kangaroo, tortoise, camels, lemur and tiger.

The set-up for the event was really cool too-- the Conservation Ambassadors were at different locations either holding an animal or in a cage. The animals were free to run around the area and kids and families could go right up to the animals and touch the animals and ask questions.

I was laughing with Jesse how incredible and almost silly how many great experiences Lillian has had already! She's been to New York Plaza and seen the Eloise Suite, traveled to Hawaii, stayed at Bacara, and now, petted an elephant! I can hardly keep up with all of her adventures. We love the fun we are having as a family and want to raise her to be modest, generous, thoughtful and hardworking. Hopefully, these experiences enrich her life and her perspective helps her personally and professionally.

I hope that everyone checks out Conservation Ambassadors and the great work they are doing. You can also organize a "Zoo to You" visit to your child's school or your workplace.


A special thank you to Hope Daly PR for inviting us to attend this great event.