It's Friday and here are the things that are making me happy, in no particular order:

  1. Bow sweater: I always love my bows front and center until I saw this sweater with two unexpected elements: bows on the back and a beautiful pale blue shade. Adding this to my birthday wish list! Also adore this one!
  2. Early bedtime: I enjoy going to bed early and the Olympics really messed up my night time routine and I ended up staying up a lot later that I like to. I'm trying to get back to a reasonable bed time. One of my secrets is that I usually pick one night a week to go to bed at 8pm. I think Tuesdays are the best night to do this because they make Wednesdays more enjoyable and you have energy to conquer your to-do list.
  3. Caitlin Wilson Design ShowroomI've mentioned Caitlin Wilson on here a lot and on my Instagram (last seen here) and I am so excited she opened up a design showroom on Presidio and Sacramento Street. You have to go check it out!
  4. BuildingConnected is the company Jesse co-founded and I just want to say they have some really great features coming out! If you know anyone in the commercial construction industry please tell them about BC.
  5. Holiday party: Speaking of Building Connected, I'm tasked with planning their annual holiday party. Any suggestions for fun spots in San Francisco for 100 people?
  6. Wente VineyardsI've always wanted to check out Wente Vineyards and we are so excited to go this weekend for a wedding! What better way to experience Wente than celebrating with friends!
  7. Wedding dress: After I typed wedding dress I realized what I meant to say is wedding guest dress (although I did try on my wedding dress last week and it still fits!). We only have two weddings this summer so I just bought one dress and am going to wear it to both. Especially because there will be no overlap in guests. I don't think people do this anymore because of social media- people are afraid to be photographed wearing the same outfit twice. Ha! Should I just make Jesse wear the exact same outfit to both weddings so it looks like all of the photos are from one day?
  8. Back to school. I absolutely loved seeing all of the first day of school pictures of little ones in my newsfeed. It's definitely a little bittersweet to not be returning to school, either for work or graduate school. Last year was easier because Lillian was so young that I couldn't have even imaged going back to school. Sending well wishes to everyone out there for a great year!
  9. Etsy Pop-up shop in Ghirardelli Square: If were around this weekend I would definitely be at the Etsy pop-up shop. I get all of Lillian's bows from an Etsy shop and I've gotten a bunch of great stuff over the years from Etsy. The pop-up shop is this Saturday and Sunday from 11-5.
  10. TGIF. Just happy it is the weekend! Thanks for reading!!!!



sweatshirt: Toss Designs // sandals: jack rogers

sweatshirt: Toss Designs // sandals: jack rogers

I'd say my style is a little preppy, a touch glamorous, a teensy bit sporty, and a little bit classic old lady. Here are some of my favorite preppy items:




San Francisco has so many wonderful neighborhoods to explore and with the announcement of the Warriors Stadium being built in Mission Bay, it is the newest hotspot for many. Jesse and I have spent a lot of time in Mission Bay over the last couple of years because we go to UCSF Bakar Fitness Center. It has been great to see the area change so much over the years and it is only going to continue to boom.

While many people have been making the trek there to visit the newest coffee shop, Cafe Reveille, there are a lot of great places worth exploring.


Mission Rock Resort- They were one of the first places to open up in the area and really pioneered it for more places to come. Great seafood, waterfront views, easy parking, and meaningful details like repurposed bleachers from Cal used as exterior paneling. Great for parties (we had Jesse's holiday party here a few years ago). Whenever I have a group of 10+ I like to head to Mission Rock Resort. It's owned by the same family who own Pete's, Pedro's, and Momo's, my other go-to party spots.

Cafe Reveille- I love their Castro location but it is quite small, always busy and nearly impossible to get a table. Their food is delicious and their newest location is the perfect mix of form and function with pink tables, eye-catching tiles, and great big windows. See my previous post on the Castro location here.

The Market Hall- The area really needed a grocery store and The Market Hall delivers and then some. It's like how Whole Foods used to be- great food, intimate experience, and a wide variety of products. They also have a bar and restaurant attached to the store. Perfect to grab a bite to eat on your way to the Giants game (that's what we have done the past couple of times).

Spark Social- Love this new food truck stop! My friends are probably so annoyed because I always invite them to Off the Grid, because it's perfect for big groups. They are going to be mad at first when I invite them to another food truck experience but then very happy when they find out how great Spark Social is- great food, fire pits, big double decker bus to climb around, and porch swings. There are also turf fields behind Spark Social and you can play soccer in one of their leagues.

The Yard- I mentioned The Yard the other day but it is worth checking out on non-game days, too. They have lots of great family activities like movie nights, art exhibits, and more.




AT&T Park- Not exactly in Mission Bay but always a good time. I want to rent kayaks and paddle in the bay and try and catch a home run! When we went to the game last weekend we saw someone catch a home run by jumping out of their kayak. So fun!

Bike ride along 3rd Street- On sunny days it is great to park at Mission Rock and walk all the way to the ball park and pack. Remember I did this when I was in labor? 



UCSF Mission Bay Betty Irene Women's Hospital: Haha! I had to include this!!! We were fortunate to have an incredible experience at UCSF and if you are looking for a hospital in San Francisco, UCSF is the place to go!

Head to Mission Bay today!



Today I am sharing some of my favorite dresses from designer Ted Baker London.  I love the classic shapes, structured silhouettes, and feminine details. One of my favorite dresses ever is this red one I wore for our Valentine's Day card. The dresses below can be worn to everything from work to a wedding to a girls night out to date night. I've never seen anyone else wear a Ted Baker dress and that adds to my love for them!




Happy Monday! We had a lovely weekend and I am happy to report that we did not do any cleaning! Ha! Every Monday post I write about how we spent so much time cleaning. Sorry to disappoint you!

A lot of readers email me saying how they love these daily life updates because it makes them feel connected to me and because they like seeing what our family is up to. We had a great weekend full of laughs, adventure, and my all-time favorite: swimming!

Our weekend consisted of: Noe Valley walks, Giants game, breakfast, and a trip up to Davis for a family celebration. Life is good and I am ready for a great work week! Stay tuned this week for more great posts!

10 Things on my mind right now:

  1. Post-Olympic Crash: I am SO sad the Olympics are over and I don't know what I am going to do! I'll probably watch some clips on YouTube. I am not kidding. I'll try and rewatch all of Kerri Walsh Jenning's and April Ross' matches online. Jesse and I have talked for years about going to Tokyo 2020!!! Can't wait! Hard to believe Lillian will be 5 the next time the Summer Olympics are on!
  2.  Birthday countdown is on!! Looking forward to celebrating my golden year on the 31!
  3. ATG Stores: Last week at the Sunset Magazine Idea House (bathroom pictured below) I discovered ATG Stores. Have you heard of it? It is an online home store and I think it is really great!
  4. Brian Boitano x Bay Scholars: On Friday night I had the pleasure of attending a private dinner with Olympic Ice Skater Brian Boitano turned celebrity chef at Credo Restaurant in support of Bay Scholars. The food was delicious and it was great to support such a wonderful cause.
  5. Back to daycare: Lillian is back to daycare after having last week off. I am happy to have her back at school and her back on a schedule and with some structure.
  6. Ikea App. Ikea has a new app but I am wondering, does anyone download apps anymore? I don't know the last one I downloaded.
  7. Baby Names: I liked this NY Times article about baby names. Why is it so hard for me to come up with boys names?? Any suggestions?
  8. Things all San Franciscans have said is worth the read!
  9. How cute are these little shoes for Lillian? <3
  10. On Friday I went to the Fairmont to see the unveiling of the Tony Bennett bronze statue. What a great day for San Francisco!



Yesterday I had the special privilege of visiting the Sunset Magazine Idea House in the Berkeley Hills. To say that I was incredibly inspired is an understatement. I have always loved interior design and have always wished that I had taken a class or made it my career. And after walking through this gorgeous four story home designed by Lauren Geremia, I am even more enthralled with interior design. A spark was relit in me and I cannot wait to discover more.

You can read more about the house here and see my tour on Snapchat @CarolineMCurran.

Have a great Thursday!


Photos by Thomas J. Story/ Sunset Magazine.  

Photos by Thomas J. Story/ Sunset Magazine.  


Happy Friday! A lot of people email me and snap me (@CarolineMCurran) asking me questions about Lillian's wardrobe so I thought I would share my approach to shopping for our little girl. Lillian has finally grown out of her 6-12 month clothes, which were primarily leggings and comfy clothes for daycare. With all of the great summer sales happening I picked her up some new pieces that reflect her big girl personality! I also just ordered a bunch of shoes that should be arriving soon! I can't wait!!

Here are some pieces that I adore:


I am SO excited to introduce you to PaintZen- it's been called the Uber for paint, but it is actually so much more than that. For me, it is the solution to my constant need for change. A lot of people ask me my hobbies and I often say painting and of course, have to clarify that I mean painting walls.

When you grow up watching Trading Spaces (yes, remember that show and how cute the host Paige Davis was) it shapes your mindset that big changes can be made in a day. In our first apartment, I am pretty sure I painted our living room once, bedroom twice, and kitchen four times. Yes, four times. I had summers off at my previous job and before I started graduate school I had a lot of time. I'd head to Lowe's near me and pick up paint and a quick painting set. Jesse would leave the kitchen looking one way and come home to a completely different look.

When we moved in to our current place, the paint job was really great- the quality and colors were perfect. We decided not to paint Lillian's nursery and it was something that I regretted from the time she was born until now! See, when we moved into our current place it was the week after we found out we were pregnant and we weren't really sure how long we would stay in this place. So it always felt a little temporary. 

Since Lillian was born and especially since she started walking, our place has really felt like home. It is a true Noe Valley apartment with small rooms but it has everything that we want in a place. On Jesse's list: lots of natural light, top floor, crown molding; my list: hardwood floors, updated bathroom and kitchen, and a big closet : ). Plus we have a garage, we're across the street from a produce market and a park, coffee shop, dry cleaners, nail salon and more! Our location could not be better.

So when we agreed that we'd stay here a little bit longer I felt like that gave me the green light to PAINT! While my passion for painting is a 10, my quality is probably a 6. To make up for days when Lillian didn't have a perfect nursery I decided (and Jesse agreed) it was best to hire a professional.

I am so delighted that I discovered PaintZen. It was SO easy and I highly recommend using them. You take a brief questionnaire and then they call you to confirm a time and date and then voíla- a professional painter arrives and takes care of everything. It was really fun and I will for sure use them again.

The picture above is not Lillian's nursery but I wanted to share because it is the color we went with: Benjamin Moore Queen Anne Pink- we went with the Natura brand. Here are the images I first shared of Lillian's nursery. Honestly, the decorating and photographing happened so fast because i had a deadline to get the images to so I didn't decorate it the exact way I wanted to. Now that we know Lillian and her lovely personality she is more of a pink lady. Her nursery is constantly evolving and now we are redecorating it again for her big girl lifestyle. Stay tuned for that reveal!



A special thank you to PaintZen for partnering on this post.