Things have been so fun around here for us, but boy, this heat! Gotta love it! These photos are from our family weekend in Sonoma to celebrate Claire and Mike's 1st wedding anniversary!

These photos are some of my favorite ever-- but I think it might be because they are the first photos in a while that have all three of us (the last photos we have are from our Valentine's Day cards!)! New parents, you can relate-- it is SO hard to get photos of the three of us. I can't tell you how many photos I have of just Jesse and Lillian and just Lillian and me.

It's the best time of year to be in Sonoma so if you have time, I highly suggest making a weekend out of it!

Here are some places to check out in Sonoma:

El Dorado Hotel & Kitchen

VJB Vineyards & Cellars

Mount Hood Hike

Sweet Scoops Ice Cream




Last Friday I had a great San Francisco Giants-filled day! I had the special privilege of being invited to Lunch with Larry Baer, CEO of the Giants, in support of Good Tidings Foundation. I was introduced to Good Tidings Foundation by my friend Bridgette who is on the board and has had a life-long relationship with Good Tidings since her parents founded it in 1995.

A little bit about Good Tidings:

Good Tidings creates original projects and works in partnership with professional sports franchises, businesses and agencies throughout the region, leveraging resources in order to increase access to enriching opportunities by deserving youth. We design, fund and build projects that are maintained and programmed in perpetuity by school districts, recreation departments, or city governments. We believe that every child deserves to have the means to achieve his or her dreams regardless of financial status, ethnic background, religion, or region of living. It is the spirit of the holiday season that we were founded upon and that we look to emulate all year long. Most of our work is agreed upon the old fashion way…with a handshake.

As someone who comes from a family who absolutely loves sports, I understand first hand the transformative power of playing sports, being on a team, and learning important life lessons. The great work that Good Tidings does is so important to the individuals but also to the communities as a whole.

At the luncheon there were fifty people, so it was definitely an intimate affair. I loved learning more about Good Tidings and hearing the stories of others at my table who have supported Good Tidings for a number of years.

After the lunch I was pleasantly surprised to see Larry Baer jump up for a quick Q & A. Yes, guests could ask Larry Baer whatever they wanted. Hands shot up and guests asked questions about how they pick players, the importance of the team chemistry, and if there was any thoughts about moving the fences in to decrease the distance required for a home run.

And I had a question. I raised my hand and asked Larry Baer, "which seats do you think are the best in the house?" Everyone got a good chuckle out of that but I was serious. We happened to be going to the game that night and I wanted to see what his opinion was.  He laughed and asked if I go to the games. I said yes, and I'm actually going to tonight in a luxury suite and I wanted to know if those seats were good! He laughed again and said that they built the stadium so that even the worst seat in the house was still a great seat and that it was basically a 41,00 way tie for the best seat!!

Larry was thoughtful in answering all of the questions and it was so special to see all of the guests excited about his answers. I mean, if you are a serious Giants fan the chance to ask the CEO any question you want is very exciting.

So that evening Jesse, Lillian and I headed to the ball park for the game (one of our previous visits here). We were fortunate to be invited to a luxury suite (I know, I find it funny that the first time I was in a luxury suite at AT&T Park I was 27 and here Lillian is at 15 months!!). Lillian loves to run around so I took her out into the hall and she ran up and down the hallway. We bumped into another baby and they were playing together. We also coincidentally bumped into my State Champ basketball teammate Jen and her husband when Lillian ran into their suite. 

We were quite a good distance down the hall so we decided to head back to our suite. Lillian ran ahead to our suite and I remember turning the corner and seeing a big bowl of peanuts and thinking to myself, "oh yay- there are peanuts in here now" because someone had just brought a big bowl of peanuts out. I look up and yep. We are in the wrong suite. Not only are we in the wrong suite. We are in Larry Baer's suite. I kid you not. He is standing there and like any mother with a running toddler I apologize. Larry says, no come in! (I'm not making this up). And I said to him, "normally I wouldn't come in but this is such a funny story. I will. I saw you today at the Good Tidings luncheon and I asked you where the best seats are. So I guess these are the best seats?" We got a good chuckle and I met his lovely wife Pam and everyone was so sweet to Lillian. We left after a few minutes but we had a nice chat and I introduced him to Jesse and they talked commercial construction for a while.

This story is funny but I have to tell you things like this happen to me all the time. But now I am beginning to think I am passing my luck along to Lillian. I have always said she is our lucky charm! I cannot wait to see all of the fun things she accomplishes and the sports she plays!

If sports or the Giants are important to you please consider making a donation to Good Tidings Foundation. The work the Harper family does for the community is outstanding and we want to ensure that they legacy continues for decades.

Let the kids PLAY BALL! Donate here today!


A very special thank you to the Harper Family for having me!





Happy first day of fall! Yesterday I had a special time taking a drip down memory lane! I was invited by Hush Puppies to Belga on Union Street for a bloggers brunch. When I first started blogging I had so much fun meeting other San Francisco bloggers and seeing them at events. As a new mom I prefer to spend as much time as I can with my family so I often end up declining invitations to parties- putting Lillian to bed is way too important to me (for clarification, I do go out to evening events I just go to a lot less that I used to when I was first blogging- I mean there are always several events happening every night-- it's crazy).

So it was a real treat to catch up with some of my very first blogging friends and meet some new ones. Oh and my goodness, and Hush Puppies! What a blast from the past! Check out their new shoes today!



I am so delighted to introduce Perfect 10 SF readers to Mac & Mia, a company that makes getting your little one dressed so much easier! Mac & Mia is an online stylist for your little one!  It is amazing! You simply fill out a style profile for your little one by taking a short quiz and then a stylist handpicks clothes for your little one that are delivered to your door!!! Could it be any easier?! Oh, and the packages come with stickers for your little one! So adorable!

Honestly, I love shopping for Lillian but Mac & Mia was such a special treat to arrive at my door. We received some beautiful, high quality pieces that I probably would not have picked out. Mac & Mia is not subscription based, it is on your own schedule-- you can request a box anytime. Perfect for summer trips, back to school or holiday events.

I love all of the pieces and will definitely order another box for Lillian once we have cooler weather in San Francisco. Check about Mac & Mia today for your little one or as a gift!


Thank you to Mac & Mia for partnering on this post!


Happy Monday! It was a great weekend and I am in the best mood! I am so fortunate to be surrounded by the best friends and family! The only Monday blues around here is this Self Portrait dress and J.Crew heels!! I am looking forward to a great week ahead!! I hope everyone had a nice weekend!



Recently I have gotten a handful of emails from readers asking me my tips for starting a blog or other big projects. One of my favorite things to do is brainstorm with others and generate creative, collaborative, and innovative ideas. While I can go on and on about how to start and grow a blog (you can read my business of blogging series here), I thought I would share some ideas I have been having about my own blog.

When I started Perfect 10 SF in 2014, I knew nothing about blogging. I didn't even read a single blog. With all of the knowledge I've accumulated in the 2+ years I can't help but really love the naive zest that fueled those first days of the blog. I've been thinking if I were to start my blog today what would it be like. Here are some of my ideas:

  1. Miss Caroline. I didn't realize how important the title of my blog would be and how people would know me as Perfect 10 SF. I will never forget the first time someone said to me, "Are you Perfect 10 SF?!" (It was a lovely sales associate named Katie from Gap on Chestnut) and I remember saying I'm Caroline! Had I known that bloggers' names are their site titles I would have named my blog Miss Caroline. I just loooove the idea of someone saying to me, "Are you Miss Caroline?!". hahahahah!!!
  2. Focus. Granted most of the things I would do today are based on the tips Jesse has been giving me for the past 2+ years about my blog. My topic path has been shoes-> fashion-> pregnancy-> parenting->Lillian and everything in between. I write about San Francisco and a variety of things. As a result of following my personal trajectory, I have very loyal readers (thank you!!!). If I were to start today I might focus on events- event planning tips, what to wear to an event, best practices, events I attended, etc. Adele said it best, "life is a party waiting to be thrown!" Don't you just love that- Miss Caroline does Events.
  3. Guests posts. In my dream world my blog would be written by me and my siblings- each kid takes a day and posts. But they have lives and are too busy to do that. I also would love to have a blog that isn't just written by me, but has a lot of guest posts!!! I love that my blog has become a community for me but I would love it to be more balanced and have others contribute. So if you are interested in writing please email me

As always, thanks for reading!







Hello pretty lady! Maybe that is how I should start all of my blog posts from now on! After opening the lovely Underclub package that arrived in my mailbox I have been greeting everyone with that salutation! 

I am happy to introduce you to Underclub- a delivery subscription for underwear! Or is it underware? or Underwhere? Just kidding, I know it's underwair. (sidenote: although I do have a few typos on here now and then, I rarely have spelling errors and it's not because of autocorrect, it's because I am such a visual learner that I can usually identify misspelled words because they look different to me and stand out in my brain as not how they are supposed to look. Does that make sense? More on typos and why I don't change them later!)

I was first introduced to UnderClub by a friend who put me in touch with Founder and CEO Katie. I immediately loved the idea but after talking with Katie it was really great to learn more about her vision and mission for the company. Most women have an interesting relationship with their underwear-- it's most often the thing that no one sees and the thing that you keep forever even when it's clearly time for it to go after all of those periods (tmi, but true. I'm married and went to an all-girls school so I feel comfortable sharing).

Katie believes that women's confidence comes from looking and feeling great and that starts by what you put on, especially when no one-- okay someone special--can see.

So for the past three months I have received a special package in the mail from Underclub. Getting something in the mail that wasn't a catalog or an Honest box full of diapers was exciting enough. Truth be told I waited three months until all three packages had arrived and opened them all at once. And omg it was AMAZING!! Yes, I took a style profile quiz and filled out questions about the style, material, colors, etc, but it was still such a nice surprise to see the handwritten notes and carefully selected high quality garments. 

I loved it so much that I am going to give the gift of three months to one of my lucky readers. See more details on Instagram! And, I have a favor to ask-- since most women don't Google "underwear delivery subscription", I would love it if you would check out Underclub and gift a pair or three or more to your mom, best friend, sister, old college roommate, college daughter, new mom friends, heck- your grandma!! Underclub gift makes the perfect gift for a bachelorette party, holiday party, birthday and more! 

Help me spread the word about the Undervention that Katie is creating!




On the rare occasion that we stay in San Francisco for the weekend, rather than venture to beloved Sonoma, you can find us in my absolute favorite place in the city- Golden Gate Park. Jesse and I absolutely love taking Lillian to the park because there is so much to do and discover. When I was pregnant with Lillian I spent almost every day walking around Stow Lake and it's where I love to go for morning runs.

Yeah, I do find it sort of ironic that my favorite part of the city is the one that is a completely man-made lush park with fake ponds and waterfalls. But I can't help but feel that there is a unique peace that being in the park brings me. I have the most vivid childhood memories of my mom loading up the bikes in the van, literally in the van and we would be sitting there with our legs bent and bodies contorted, so that we could go ride on Sundays in the car-free park. We'd bike for what felt like hours, load back into the car and then head to one of my dad's open houses. We'd run around the house like maniacs and I'd always start pretending that the particular house was our new family home. My mom always said that us kids sold the house because prospective buyers at the open house saw what it would be like if the house was made a home by a bubbly family.

I have to tell you that I have a love/frustrating relationship with photography. I absolutely loving snapping photos of Lillian on my phone or on our Nikon. I love editing them and sharing them (thanks for letting me share!) and capturing them (like here with Blurb Books). What I don't like about the process is that the disruption for really great photos can be like. So we try and photograph Lillian a bunch at once and then go on with our day. That's why you will see a series of photos that look like they are all taken within three minutes of each other-- because they really are. I pull out my camera, take a few photos and then put it away and go on and enjoy my time with my family. I'm not the person who has their camera or phone out all day taking photos. I've been with people who are like that and honestly, their photos are great-- probably much better than what I share here-- but it seems like they are so preoccupied with getting great photos that they don't enjoy themselves. I see a lot of moms share a ton of photos and I always wonder how much time they spend trying to get the "perfect" shot.

Jesse and I laugh about this because now that we have Lillian we both take turns behind the camera- before it was always just him. We have learned how fundamentally different our photographer point of views are-- we are basically opposites. I want to turn on the camera, snap one shot and then adjust the settings and make sure the composition is perfect. I spend more time shooting than setting up. Jesse is the opposite; he wants to spend a lot of time getting the perfect setting and then snap photos. I really don't know who's way is better- I don't think one way is better than the other- but he took these adorable photos of Lillian so whatever he does works! I guess I am more of the on-set event staff trying to get Lillian to run towards the camera. Honestly, it's so hilarious-- she is guaranteed to always run the complete opposite direction of camera. It's like she is running from the paparazzi!! She literally runs! She moves so fast that it's quite entertaining. One minute she will be right next to us and the next moment she is halfway across the park.

I would love to hear how others view photography? Ha! I just had a thought- maybe it's why I always photograph still life rather than people-- it is less of a challenge since it doesn't move!!

This weekend I had the special privilege of assisting Claire at a wedding she coordinated. I will share some photos soon-- yes, I took a ton there! I hope everyone had a great weekend!