Pop the bubbly!! It's time to celebrate three great years of Perfect 10 SF!! I can't wait to celebrate this weekend at Gloria Ferrer's Bubbles and Blooms event (read more here)!!!

I want to thank everyone who reads this blog. It has been so much fun to have. I cannot believe how much the blogging industry has changed since I first launched three years ago on April 15 when I was avoiding doing a lot of grad work assignments! ha!

I am a person who thrives on growth through experiences so I am always so grateful to people and companies and organizations who have allowed me to have such great opportunities through my blog.

It's amazing how much the blog has changed over the years as it has followed me through my personal adventures: grad school, leaving jobs, pregnancy, Jesse's growing company, travels, and more. It is hard to believe that Lillian will be two soon!!

What has surprised me the most these past couple of years is how much more modest and reserved I have become. I naturally have a very no-holds back, life of the party, connect with others personality and as my blog grew I found myself becoming purposely less interested in seeking attention. I never wanted people to think that the blog made me more self-centered, it's made me so self-deprecating. Often times I find myself dressing down when I know a lot of people will be around because I don't want to draw attention to myself. Hello, Pixie Pants uniform!!! ahhaha

I've realized this and I'm just going to be myself! I never try and be something I am not so I'm just moving forward having too much fun to give a damn! Can't wait for summer!! There are some really exciting things happening with the blog that I can't wait to share!!!

Thanks for reading!! 





We had an absolutely wonderful Easter and it was so special to be with both sides of our family-- we went to Mass with my family and had Jesse's parents over for brunch. We never take for granted that Lillian gets to see bot sets of grandparents so often.

We have been cracking up because we took Lillian to see the Easter Bunny on Saturday morning at Stonestown and she just went right up to him and gave him a very big hug. She is very friendly and outgoing and we love watching her be fearless! It was so funny because after Mass she went right up to this Easter Bunny, who might I add was the most terrifying Easter Bunny I have ever seen!!

I mentioned this before but Easter is one of my favorite holidays because you get to celebrate Spring, it's not about the presents, and it's such a special time in the Catholic church. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!



We are officially on Easter Break since daycare is closed for Lillian today and Monday. I am honestly looking forward to relaxing and spending time with family. With busy schedules and lots to-do I don't feel like I've seen my family enough recently!

We are hanging out in the city, going to mass, hopefully checking out the Cherry Blossom Festival and going to Mass and doing an Easter Egg hunt and then having brunch with Jesse's parents. 

I saw this beautiful tablescape on Veranda Magazine and immediately fell in love. Since we moved a few months ago (that's so hard to believe), we have loved having friends over for Sunday brunch. I am going to do this color scheme for brunch but we really need to get new table cloths and napkins. We received the most adorable napkin rings as wedding presents and have yet to use them! Ps- I thought this Easter idea was hilarious-- people are so creative sometimes!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



If you're like me then your phone has thousands of photos on it. I seriously snap photos of everything-- it's my place for keepsakes, instructions, to-do lists and inspiration. I have absolutely loved taking photos of Lillian since she was born and I have loved having my blog as a way to chronicle and share the fun we are having! I swear, I have 19,000 photos on my phone (insert tongue sticking out winky face aka sour face emoji). 😜

However, I know that many families are not as comfortable as I am sharing photos and don't want to use big social media networks or public websites to share their photos. I am delighted to tell you about a photo sharing app that is perfect for families who want a custom and private sharing experience, Stellashare.

Stellashare was started by two parents who wanted a better way to share photos with a large group privately. With friends and family spread across the country they wanted a better way to send photos of their new baby girl in a way that didn't require family members to sign up for social networks. 

Stellashare is easy to set up and use. The coolest part is that when you sign up you receive a unique telephone number. That is who you text the image to and it sends it to the family members you have put on the Stellashare list. How cool is that? You can also login to your account online and see a gallery of images. 

It solves the problem of grandparents missing out on photos because they don't have Facebook or Instagram. Everyone is text savvy these days so Stellashare is accessible to everyone-- of any generation!Β 

I am always so inspired when people create things when the current offerings aren't working. I am also so inspired when parents are the creators because they truly are trying to make the world a better place for their kids.

I hope you check out Stellashare and use promocode STELLAPERFECT10SF for 25% off a yearly subscription!





One of the things that people are surprised to find out about me is that I actually don't shop that much. I have a few online stores that I always check out for sales-- J.Crew, Banana Republic, Vineyard Vines, Two Birds, Tuckernuck, and J.McLaughlin. I don't like spending a lot of time shopping and if I do go into a store I usually walk in, spot what I like, try it on over the clothes I am wearing and head out.

However, one thing I do love is heading to Saks and Neimans downtown to see all of the new shoe arrivals. I spotted these adorable tweed and grossgrain Chanel mules at Saks and haven't stopped thinking about them!! I didn't dare try them on or else I wouldn't have been able to leave the store without them. If you have a minute I suggest you check them out!

Would love to add these to my Christmas wishlist!



Our favorite shoes around here are Cienta. They are from Spain and I swear, are the best smelling shoes-- I know! Yes, they smell like strawberries! We love all of their playful patterns and styles and they make the perfect daycare shoe.

I obviously love the pink gingham mary jane shoe for Lillian and can't wait to get those for her birthday. We have six pairs that she rotates between! If you're looking for a new pair of shoes for your little one check out Cienta today!



Last week was one of my busiest weeks of 2017 so far! I will fill you in more on that later and the exciting updates in my professional life. This past weekend was also very busy and full of fun events with family and friends.

Friday night Jesse and I dashed out of the city to head to Sonoma for a parents night out!! We ate at one of our favorite restaurants The Girl and the Fig and then had ice cream from Sweet Scoops!! We absolutely love getting massages and will never say no to a reflexology massage and were delighted to find one in Santa Rosa!!

With the rain we decided to head back to San Francisco earlier than originally planned and it worked out perfectly because I planned to help Claire Curran Events with a big wedding at the Bently Reserve!

Sunday we had our best friends over for brunch and then Sunday night I went to a party for a family friend! Needless to say, it was a very busy weekend full of laughter and food and good music. My favorite way to relax while Lillian (who has a bad cold) is napping is to check out interior design blogs. While I quite proudly claim that I don't read blogs, ever since I discovered Studio McGee I have been eating my words.

I love what they did for this kitchen! It is classic yet far from ordinary without being too far out there. While I know everyone loves the white kitchen with the marble and subway tile, I know that when we build our house or redesign it then it will show our personality and be different!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!




Last week I had the special privilege of photographing models for my client SF Color Collective, a San Francisco-based company that provides education on hair techniques such as balayage and hair painting to colorists who are looking to expand their skill set and techniques. I was fortunate to meet the founders Priscilla and Jessica through my friend Michelle, the owner of Lyon Street Salon and the lady who is responsible for my making my hair look beautiful.

I can't share too many images because the company is going to be using them for their website, social, and newsletters but I just wanted to share a little bit about this fun opportunity. If you've noticed recently, I've been a little bit more inconsistent with my blog. Writing Perfect 10 SF is my first passion and I love sitting down every day to share my thoughts and experiences but I also really, really, really enjoy working with other women to get their businesses up and running or help share my talents so they can really grow their company. I definitely would say I am a seed stage consultant!!

While I absolutely love writing, I realized when Lillian was born and as she has grown that I never wanted my full-time employment to be blogging for Perfect 10 SF. I don't want my life to be my business. I want it to be an outlet and not something that puts a lot of pressure to make money. Plus, I feel like everything you see from bloggers is sponsored. I just feel like it's hard to make a lot of money and maintain credibility. Also, I just really love that I can take what I have learned through blogging and share it with other companies. My "work" can reach far more people that way and it's nice to be behind the scenes at times.

So, long story short (Jesse always tells me whenever I say that that I don't have short stories), working with other companies is far more rewarding than putting all of that energy and time into my blog. I'd rather help others, so if you're looking for some photos or insight into your company feel free to email me at

If you want to learn more about SF Color Collective visit their website, like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram. If you're a stylist you should sign up for their upcoming workshops. If you want to get your hair done by these talented women then reach out to them to schedule an appointment!