When I am not wearing Pixie Pants and Jack Purcells, my approach to getting dressed is as follows: dress, flats, pearls, hat, sunglasse and voilá-- done! A few weekends ago I wore this Kate Spade polka dot dress to meet Ayesha Curry (read about our friendship here) and love it even more than the day I got it. I have had it for a few years and wore it during our 2013 Europe trip! A good investment piece can last a long time if you buy something that fits well and is true to your personal style.

When I look at my closet the items that have the most longevity are the classic pieces that are good quality. I could honestly see myself wearing this dress in five and ten years, if it still fits!

While gingham is having a major moment (see my previous post here), I love to show some love of polka dots! They are playful and so youthful and always make me think about Vivian's polka dot dress at the Polo Match in Pretty Woman-- looking at that image I am really channeling Viv, hat and all! I keep talking about PW on here and I guess that means I am going to have to watch it this weekend.

Check your closet right now, if you don't have something polka dot in there it is time to add it to your wardrobe! Here are some of my favorite polka dot dresses for summer! You can't go wrong with a little Red Valentino polka dot piece!



I love meeting new people and can chat with just about anyone. Did you know I love learning about other people. I love getting to know more about them and I really try and understand them. It was this passion that led me to pursue a Masters in Counseling Psychology. I think sometimes women are so misunderstood. I cannot tell you how many times someone has jumped to conclusions about me-- don't worry, this isn't a pity party-- but more times than I have count someone has said to me something along the lines of "you are so much _______ than I thought." I just laugh and say sorry to disappoint!

When I first meet someone and I like them I want to know more about them. I think true friendship is when you really understand someone.

Here are the things I often wonder about other people-- answer these if you want!

  1. Do you like ice cream?
  2. What is your favorite coffee shop? What is your least favorite coffee shop?
  3. What is your approach to getting dressed in the morning?
  4. What is your shopping style? Calculated purchase or impulse buy?
  5. What are your expenditures? (Recently I have become so intrigued and interested by others' spending habits because I feel like I spend a lot of money on pastries and I wonder what others spend my pastry budget on).
  6. How did you choose that nail polish color?
  7. What is your go-to recipe?
  8. How do you book your travel plans?
  9. What do you do when you work from home?
  10. When do you want to get married and have children?
  11. What is your mom like? 
  12. What is your dad like?
  13. What do you love about yourself?
  14. What makes you feel happy? Nervous?



Happy Monday! I have been in full-on relaxation mode since last Friday when I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the day at Bay Club Redwood Shores. I will be sharing more on my day there and my favorite parts in a later post, but I had to share a quick photo from the beautiful spread at their restaurant. I cannot wait to go back!

I am kind of feeling a bunch of different things today so here is a quick peek in to what is going on with me:

Yes, my sister Caitlin is expecting and we are all SO excited! And a Happy Birthday to my mother Celine who celebrated yesterday, May 22.

We had a relaxing weekend and saw Captain America: Civil War and hung out. Lillian and I celebrated my best friend Lori at her Wedding Shower at Murray Circle at Cavallo Point. I had been there before but it was lovely to be in their private room. Lori had the most beautiful shower with loveliest table scape and the food was delicious. If you have not been to Cavallo Point it is definitely worth the day trip. They also have a Locals Getaway package with discounted rooms on Sunday night and I was thinking it would be fun to stay there Sunday before Lillian's Monday birthday! That reminds me- I have so much to do for her birthday party!

Lillian is walking all over the place and has to move. She is non-stop!! She is a lot of fun and LOVES, I mean, LOVES to be chased!! She always giggles when we chase her around the room and I love hearing her laugh. She is really growing up and we are starting the weaning process and will be wrapping up our one year of nursing! A lot of moms email me about that so I will share a separate post on that!

I AM CRAVING a bike ride and a swim! My body is seriously yearning for those. I NEED to get outdoors and get active soon! It seems like we have had such great weather during the week and then not great weather on the weekends. Does anyone else feel this way -- like get me on a bike immediately?!

This was the first year in my entire life that I have not attended or participated in a graduation! Yes, having worked in education and then graduating from USF Master's program this time last year, it is odd to not have a graduation. I was telling Jesse that my "graduation" or rite of passage and milestone will be when we are done breastfeeding. It sounds oddly bizarre but it is true-- graduations mark the accomplishment of hard work and a period of time.

I have been working on some really fun projects for PERFECT 10 SF and cannot wait to share!!

I also want to thank everyone for reading my blog! I am so fortunate for this opportunity and always really appreciate it when I bump into old friends and they say how much they enjoy it! I also updated my ARCHIVE page so that it is easier to go back and read earlier posts and the thirty most recent. Some of my earlier posts still make me laugh so hard! Have a great week!







From the title of this post you can guess that there is a pregnancy announcement on Perfect 10 SF today and I am excited to share that yes, one of the Curran ladies is expecting. But who could it be?!?!

Here is Tim's reaction to the news.

Haha...jk. I love this photo of my dad just hanging out at the Giant's game #notimpressed


NOPE, they're not expecting right now!!

Is the Pedersen fab three becoming the Fab Four?

NOPE! We're not expecting right now?

COLLEEN?! Does she already have a baby?! 

Nope, Colleen's not expecting. And she is just holding our newborn Lillian here.


Is Celine expecting? 

I hope not! 6 kids is a lot!!

The Kavanaghs?!


YEP!! You guessed it! The Kavanaghs are having another baby! We are all so excited for Caitlin, Niall, Camilla and Clementine to welcome another little one!!! 

Alright people, start sending name suggestions for girls and boys!! Caitlin is due in November so stay tuned! Maybe I can get her to write pregnancy updates!

Here's one of Danny and Miss Lillian from our trip to Hawaii!!! Couldn't leave him off of this Curran Family post!!

Caitlin does not have a Facebook account so I had to share the news on her behalf. If you want to get in touch with her you can email me and I will forward it to her!



I always love the Perfect 10 Picks posts where I can share all of the different things that are on my mind. It is also fun for me to go back and read previous posts because my thoughts and style are still the same.

One // I'd describe my personal style as classic and it is funny because it is hard to find classic pieces! The trends today with fringe, culottes (which I actually do love, but let's be real- they are glorified gaucho pants that we all wore in college), and loose tops, make it difficult to find  structured, classic pieces. I have not bought clothes recently and (I know this sounds crazy, more on it later) when I am done breastfeeding Lillian I am going to have a major shopping trip. Hopefully like Pretty Woman-style and I can say BIG MISTAKE. HUGE! I hope people understand what I am talking about here. For my birthday party in 3rd grade I had a sleepover and we watched Pretty Woman-- gotta love my mom's parenting style. The beauty of it, and she probably knew this, was that we had no idea Julia Roberts was a prostitute. 

Two // Jesse has been wanting to see Captain America: Civil War since it came out so we might see that this weekend. I love all of the Marvel movies and remember collecting X-Men trading cards in 3rd grade. Wow, 3rd grade was a busy time in my life. You won't believe that the last movie I saw in theaters was this exact time last year. I was pregnant and Jesse and I went to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron. I do like going to the movies but it is really hard to give up three hours of our weekend to sit and watch a movie. We much prefer to rent something on AppleTV.

Three // I try to eat ice cream every single day. Yes, every single day. I seem to always gravitate toward people who really enjoy ice cream (I am looking at you, Sheila). And, frankly I don't trust people who don't eat ice cream. I hope that Lillian and I can share lots of great adventures over ice cream!!

Some of my favorite ice cream spots in San Francisco are: Mitchell's / Swensen's / Smitten -- also, Smitten is opening another location on Chestnut Street this summer.

Four // How is it already mid-May?! 

Five // It's getting depressing reading all of the articles online about how expensive the bay area is and how it is impossible to buy a house in the city. I am going to have to win Powerball or end up living in Redding, California. It might be fun to build a dream home on this lot?

Six // On June 6, 2016 our baby girl Miss Lillian will be a year old. You can read my first post about her here! We love her more and more each day! We are looking forward to a small birthday celebration with our families. We have SO much to do! Can you believe that I haven't done anything besides send out the Paperless Post invite?!?! LOTS to do!

Seven // Yesterday Lillian and I headed to Sausalito for a playdate with my friend Natalie and her daughter Margot. We met at Bar Bocce and had a blast in the sun and watching the girls move all around and get in to everything. If you are looking for a fun date night or play date spot, I suggest you check it out! You can even bike ride or take the ferry there.

Eight // The last few days it has felt like the Béy Area (I came up with that myself and am surprised it hasn't been all over the concert reviews- it's hilarious) with Béyonce's tour at Levi's Stadium. My sister Claire went and had a great time and can't stop singing her songs. I sort of stopped flowing Beyonce and haven't seen Lemonade or heard any of her recent songs. Should I give them a whirl (I am looking at you Jen T.)?

Nine // I love when I see other people's photos of their travels because it makes me so excited. I love traveling but with our busy work schedules, Jesse and I prefer/ are limited to short weekend trips. We mostly go to Sonoma but in a few weeks are planning on heading south. I'd love your recommendations for the Santa Barbara area.

Ten // I have BottleRock on my radar and am contemplating on going for the Saturday performances. My sister Colleen has an extra ticket and invited me. But honestly, I think I am getting a little too old for experiences that involve large crowds. We shall see!

I hope everyone has a great day!



I hope everyone is having a great morning! I wanted to share some things I have read recently that I loved!

  1. Inside Evan Spiegel's very private Snapchat Story via Recode. I didn't know very much about the founder of Snapchat and was interested to learn more.
  2. Gisele, Inc. via NY Times. Great read about how Gisele's career was never based off of being pretty, but rather her energy, hard-work ethic and dedication. 
  3. Robin Wright demanded same pay as Kevin Spacey for House of Cards via Huffington Post. I actually have never seen this show because the opening scene is so graphic and it really disturbed me. I have heard great things about the show and love that Robin Wright is getting equal pay.
  4. Chelsea Handler: I'm More Than Just Funny via Daily Beast. I am kind of ambivalent about Chelsea Handler but I appreciate that she wants to be seen for more than just a stand-up comedienne. 

Happy reading!



Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I will be sharing more details about our weekend tomorrow because I am excited to share this photo and the story behind it. If you have been reading Perfect 10 SF for a while you know that I have been saying I wanted to meet Ayesha Curry for a while (here and here and here). And from the photo you can tell, not only did I meet Ayesha, but we were instant best friends!

I had the special opportunity to attend Sunset Magazine's Celebration Weekend at Cornerstone and got to meet Ayesha in the Green Room after her cooking demo. She was sweet, personable, humble and hilarious. We talked about motherhood and I told her how much I appreciated how she would post photos and add captions that she had just been pumping because I could completely relate. She said she loved my shoes (they are these Kate Spade sandals if you want to go out and get them, plus they are on sale!). I told her I wanted to do a Dubsmash with her since she always does the best ones and we laughed about how much fun she has with her posts.

Ayesha is truly beautiful inside and out and I am grateful that we had the opportunity to meet. That morning as we were driving up to Sonoma I thought about what I wanted to say to her. I thought a lot about what readers' comments really touch me and mean a lot to me. So when I met Ayesha I said to her how much I really loved her work. I purposely did not mention Steph, or Riley and Ryan. It is important that she is celebrated for her hard work and accomplishments. It was funny because she said to me, "you look so pretty!" and I said "thank you. It's because I knew we were meeting today!!" and we laughed!

On the drive up there Jesse asked me why I was so excited to meet her. And there are a couple of reasons. I think she is lovely, a great role model, down to earth. Also, we love Steph Curry and the Warriors and Jesse and I both know behind every successful man is a supportive and talented wife :)

But also, I knew that at some point I was going to meet Ayesha. Our paths were going to cross. I had set it as a goal for myself with this blog and just like attending NY Fashion Week for the first time, I am always working towards my goals. So, I challenge my readers and friends (ps-thanks for reading this), but what is a goal you have? Think about it and work towards it. You will achieve it! Now that I have met Ayesha I told Jesse I needed a new goal!! I came up with a few that I will share soon! 

A very special thank you to my husband Jesse for being with Lillian as I met Ayesha. I guess behind this successful woman is a loving husband- just like Steph and Ayesha!!







One of the funniest things I have ever read said, "I wish I had known that becoming a mom really meant becoming a full-time cleaner!". And it's actually not that funny because it is painstakingly true! 

Growing up I always liked to have things in order, clean, and well-taken care of. The one exception to this was my freshman dorm room when I had to succumb to the chaos of my roommate. It was awful! I remember how surprised and honestly impressed I was when Jesse and I were first dating and I saw his spotless apartment for the first time. Any guy who keeps a clean living space is a winner in my book. Ha! But I found out that Jesse's landlord required him and his roommates to have a professional cleaner come once a month. Did Jesse time our first date right after their monthly cleaning service? We'll never know!

When Lillian was a newborn I was doing loads and loads of laundry. Between her sheets, burp clothes, my pajamas, and our sheets, I was doing three a day! Like I said, you become a cleaning lady. Luckily, I received some wonderful parenting advice from my friend Caroline at DayOne Baby and she said, "do what you have to do to survive!" For me, that meant having the professional cleaner come more frequently. Their help was invaluable and I swear, with a clean home I have a clean mind and can be creative and productive. I am happy for two days before and after the arrival of the cleaning crew because I know it will bring a clean space and peace of mind.

It wasn't until Lillian was about five months old and started crawling that I started to really pay attention to the cleaning products we were using. I mean, she was crawling all over the floor! While we were familiar with Honest diapers and wipes, I hadn't tried many of their other products. I was delighted when I connected with Sprout San Francisco, located on Union Street, just a few doors down from Ambiance that I started thinking more about organic products. 

From the Sprout website you can see that there is so much to learn about keeping your baby safe and they are so knowledgeable:

Keeping your baby’s nursery clean is vital to creating a safe and healthy place for your little one to play and sleep. Babies, with their developing lungs, are much more sensitive to their environment. To keep the air in your home healthy, look for natural household cleaners made with plant-based ingredients.

What you should know:

Manufacturers are not required to list the ingredients of household cleaners on the products. Many household cleaners contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and harsh acids. For this reason, the EPA has found the air quality in our homes to be 2 – 5 times more toxic than the air outside. To keep the air in your home healthy for your child, use natural household cleaners made with plant-based ingredients.

Here are some of the products we have switched to and absolutely love!

Dapple - I absolutely love Dapple's Cleaning Wipes!! They are a must for all families!

Honest- My favorite product I was introduced to was the Floor Cleaner

CleanWell- I love their Foaming Handsoap.

You can shop all of these great products and more, knowing your little one is safe, at Sprout San Francisco! They also have the cutest organic clothes for babies and kids. My favorite thing about Sprout is that you can go into their store and know that everything is safe and organic. What is also amazing is that if they find out new information about a product or company that makes it non-organic or unsafe, they will stop carrying it!


A special thank you to Sprout San Francisco for partnering on this post. All products c/o Sprout San Francisco.