Happy Monday! We got home yesterday morning from our ten day trip to New York and West Virginia. We had an absolute blast and it was so great to see friends and family, explore New York and spend such quality time with Jesse and Lillian. I know it was also special for Jesse to spend so much time with Lillian. It is remarkable how much she grew over the trip-- she is saying more words, her comprehension is really incredible and she is so much fun! I will share more tips about traveling with a little one later this week.

While we had a great trip it was so wonderful to be home yesterday and get back into the swing of things. I just dropped Lillian off at daycare and was on 24th street running a few errands and I felt my soul reinvigorated- I am excited to work hard and get ready for the holidays.

The last time we traveled to New York was February of 2014 when I was pregnant with Lillian. It was a combination of work and play- Jesse and his co-founder Dustin were meeting with New York VCs about investing in BuildingConnected and I was there for NY Fashion Week. Like I mentioned earlier it was beyond freezing. This time I was expecting perfect fall weather but we were surprised with humid weather in the 70s and 80s. It was so lucky that I threw my favorite Club Monaco white shorts in there last minute--- literally we were walking out the door and I put them in my carry-on, just in case. I wore them three days in a row!

Traveling in New York could not have been better. I think it makes a HUGE difference to be traveling with a baby. EVERYONE was soooo nice to us- helping us open doors, being helpful with anything we needed, chasing after us when Lillian dropped her stuff animal- it really, really was a pleasant surprise. Also traveling through the city with Lillian was great! It made us do things that we normally wouldn't have done-- we took it slow and didn't try to do too much. I also didn't take a lot of photos. I barely had my phone with me and just took it all in-- it was such a nice change.

Here are the things we did, ate, saw, and I what I suggest. I know there are endless options but what we did was come up with two things we wanted to do each day. It was great! (This isn't the "coolest" guide to New York but I don't try and do cool things, I just try and do what I like so if you want to see cool things in New York you'll have to check somewhere else!)

A special thank you to our friends Kevin & Nicole, Hector, Jenni and their new baby girl, Jesse's parents, my parents, and my sister Claire and her husband Mike. Everyone contributed to a great trip and we are so thankful!


  1. CENTRAL PARK ZOO- This teeny, tiny zoo was AWESOME! Because it was so intimate you could really get close to the animals. Yes, I definitely thought the Snow Leopards were going to jump out of their cages but it was cool to see them up close.
  2. CENTRAL PARK- This is an obvious choice-- we went to the park every day and explored new spots. 
  3. HIGHLINE- This was on my must-do because it seemed so cool! It is an old railroad track above the ground that has been turned into a walkway-- A MUST-DO if you are visiting NYC!
  4. ELOISE SUITE AT THE PLAZA- I will share all about our visit tomorrow!! SO excited!
  5. MADISON AVENUE- I'm definitely an Upper East Side girl and I loved walking up through the park and back to our hotel along Madison and seeing all of the designer shops.
  6. BROOKLYN BRIDGE- I really did not know what I was getting us into when I suggested we walk to the Brooklyn Bridge from our hotel- almost four miles later there we were at the most crowded spot in NYC. It is beautiful but not as enjoyable to walk across as I imagined- bicyclists SCREAM at you if you are in the bike lane. I have so much respect for bloggers who take photos here- it is quite the endeavor. I am glad we did it though.
  7. 91st STREET- As a child of the Sacred Heart you cannot go to a city with a Sacred Heart School and not check it out. I took Lillian and Jesse there but it was around 5pm so the school was closed but I got to show them the exterior and lobby. Once a child of the Sacred Heart, always a child of the Sacred Heart.


  1. WESTHOUSEI will share more about our hotel later this week but what was really great about our hotel was our suite-- it made such a huge difference for Lillian to have her own room so that she could go to bed earlier than us. The amenities were great and we also loved that the hotel provided breakfast, high tea, and drinks in their Terrace. It was so great to start the mornings with breakfast in the hotel- once less thing to worry about.
  2. CARLYLEI was fortunate to stay here a few years ago and it was amazing. We paid a quick visit the the bar to check it out. And guess what-- out of all of the restrooms I used in all of NYC, the Carlyle was the only place with toilet seat covers!! 


  1. PALOA'SWe loved this Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side and I would recommend it to anyone who is going to New York. One of the hardest things, especially when traveling with a toddler, is trying to find places to go eat. Luckily, Claire and Mike suggested this spot and since it was so warm we could eat outside.
  2. AUGUST- On our last night we went to August and had a delicious meal and Lillian loved their pasta. Definitely a place I would go back. 
  3. WHOLE FOODS- Yes, we went all the way to New York to go to Whole Foods ;). When traveling with a toddler it is important to have a place with quick, healthy meals. After we landed in Newark, ubered to the city, got to our hotel, we were ready for some food. We headed to Whole Foods at Columbus Circle for a quick bite and to get a few snacks for the food. 
  4. WAFELS & DINGESWe enjoyed delicious wafles and dinges during our walk through Central Park. Delicious and extremely not-nutricious.
  5. RALPH'S COFFEEThis was a MUST-DO for me and it was amazing! We had the best time and Lillian loved their silver spoons. I got a decaf mocha as a treat to myself since I never drink caffeine. It was really, really delicious and maybe one of the best cups of coffee I have ever had!

We had a really great time and I am delighted we went and we probably won't go back for a few years! We have too many other places on our list to explore!






After an absolutely amazing trip to New York we are now visiting Jesse's sister and brother in law and their darling new baby boy! 

Claire and her husband Mike joined us in New York, or maybe more accurate is we joined them. They both went to school in New York and spent a lot of time in Manhattan so they were our tour guides. I will be sharing more about how we spent our time and some of my recommendations for places to check out and things to do.

I feel so fortunate to have such great sisters and of course a great brother! Claire and I were having a blast with Lillian and we kept saying how much we wished Caitlin, Colleen and Camilla & Clementine were with us-- especially when we were at the Eloise Suite.  When we're together it's always a good time! 







We are having the best time in New York and we are still on cloud nine from an amazing visit to the Plaza Hotel to visit the Eloise Suite!!!!! It was a dream come true!!! A very, very special thank you to The Plaza team for being so lovely! I will be sharing more later but in the meantime check out my Instagram story for more behind the scenes! These are what the curtains look like! <3



Happy Monday from New York City (imagine me saying it in the accent from the 1990s Pace salsa commercials, remember?).

We are having a blast in New York after arriving on Saturday. We have walked all around the city so far and couldn't be happier- the flight, the weather, our hotel and just everything is great! We are off to a really exciting adventure so be sure to follow along on Instagram Story and Snapchat!

This photo is after a looong walk from Central Park to the Brooklyn Bridge. I don't think you can tell from the photo but it was one of those days that feels like European travels- hot, sticky, sweaty and just walking every where!!  I'll be sharing more later. If you have any recommendations please send them my way at




I have been saying for over five years that J.Crew needs athletic clothes!! I guess someone finally listened to me! Seems a little late in the game for J.Crew to finally get on board with the athleisure trend but I am happy they did. Check out some of their items below!




Yesterday I shared some of my favorite recent photos of Lillian and today I thought I would share a little bit about what has been going on with me! I love writing about Lillian and sharing photos but there is more going on than just us two going to the park. Here's an update of life recently!

  1. Jack Wills USA- I shared this Jack Wills dress and funny story the other day and wanted to share this lovely pink gingham coat I have been loving recently! I love the color, print, style and that it has a hood for misty San Francisco mornings. It's sold out but you can shop other gingham pieces from Jack Wills here
  2. Warriors Practice: Hurry and head to my Instagram story to see my visit to Oracle yesterday for the Warrior's practice! It was such a cool experience to see Steve Kerr run practice, have my bff Ayesha's husband Steph emcee and to see kids from local community partners take the court for a few games with the Warriors. Best part- seeing KD in a Warriors jersey! Or actually, it was when they made all of the rookie players get on the sound system and sing a song! Too fun.
  3. Dark Mornings: Why has it been so hard to get out of bed? It's soooo dark out! Hopefully the time change will help with this!
  4. New nephew: My sister in law just had her baby boy two weeks ago and we are going to visit them soon! I can't wait to see them! 
  5. Traveling: Speaking of traveling, Jesse and I are wishing all of our wishes that we have great flights with Lillian. We haven't flown since February when we went to Hawaii. It was such a breeze and Lillian was amazing so I am hoping we have a similar experience!
  6. Halloween: I am so excited for Halloween this year and cannot wait to figure out my costume. Here is what usually happens: I have a great idea for a costume and I am so excited and then when I start thinking about the time and money it will take to put it together I get frustrated and then end up scrapping the whole thing and trying to do something easy and end up with an okay costume rather than a really great one. This year I am going to avoid this problem all together and be something fun! Stay tuned!
  7. Baby countdown: Remember when I shared this mystery post that someone in my family was expecting a baby? Well we are excited to welcome a new baby so soon! Caitlin is due in just a few weeks and we cannot wait. She doesn't know the sex and is waiting to be surprised! I can't wait!!!! Stay tuned!
  8. Exercise: I've been exercising a lot to try and regain my strength. One of the craziest and most surprising things about postpartum bodies is how much of your muscle tone and strength you lose, no matter how much you work out during pregnancy. The hormones during those last few weeks are meant to make your muscles and body relax so that you can prepare for labor. I still don't feel like I have my strength back and am working really hard on my balance, core strength and flexibility. I'll share my workout routine soon!
  9. Holiday party- I mentioned it a few weeks ago but I am helping to plan Jesse's company holiday party! I can't wait! If you haven't check out BuildingConnected yet, please do!
  10. iPhone Drama: On the day that we were at the park and took these photos of Lillian (see, this is why I love having a blog- I remember everything that happens) I dropped my iPhone 6 plus and it cracked. The next day I dropped it again and it SHATTERED. So I took it to get replaced and used my old iPhone 6 in the meantime. I picked up my iPhone 6 Plus and it looked beautiful, brand new! But I didn't want to switch back to using it again until I had a case. Jesse said to me I trust you with your phone for one day without a case. And I said nope, I won't use it yet. The next day I dropped my old iPhone 6 and completely SHATTERED it. It was shattered so badly that a lot of people commented on it: the bank teller, my waitress, and everyone in my family. Moral of the story, use a case people.



Like I have said in recent posts having a blog allows me to share images that I want to keep all in one place. We have photos stored on the cloud and share most of them with our families on a stream but I love having my blog so that I can search for specific photos. 

I was thinking about it the other day and I hope to keep Perfect 10 SF around long enough for Lillian to look at it and see pictures of her as a baby. Parents' social accounts are basically modern baby books, right?

I also wonder when will I stop my blog or at least stop writing about Lillian. It is fun to share our fun experiences with family and friends through the blog but I can't imagine her starting kindergarten and people knowing about her.

I think about this constantly and am always pausing and thinking about what is best for Lillian. But on the other hand when we have more children and I want to be able to share photos and stories about them as well. So much to ponder. In the meantime, Lillian, just know whenever you read this that I love you very much and look how cute you are in these photos!






This week is National Fire Prevention Week and since becoming a new mom I take precautionary and educational weeks very seriously! 

Growing up I remember my parents always had gallons of bottled water on hand, batteries, and more in an earthquake emergency kit- such a San Francisco family. I was four when the 1989 earthquake struck San Francisco and my mom always tells the story that we were at our Nana's house and my mom was at work and when she came to meet us she found us all huddled in the backyard with my Nana holding a crucifix!! lol.

These days there are ways that make you feel a little safer and little bit more prepared than a crucifix. I was introduced to Roost, the smart wi-fi battery for your smoke detector by my friend Rachael. Prior to meeting Jesse I probably would have had no interest in a smart battery with a unique iPhone app that takes care of all of the concerns and annoyances of standard smoke alarms but since he has shown me the benefits of using technology and being an early adopter I am excited about Roost.

The Roost smart battery alerts you on your phone when the batteries are low, it also sends notifications if you are away-- also perfect for a second home that you might not be at daily. It is the perfect gift for someone who spends too much time driving to a second home just to make sure it is still there. The best part for me is that you can "snooze" the alarm from your phone when you accidentally put a piece of toast in the toaster and walk away to do something else and then it burns to an absolute crisp (yes, this happens to me all of the time!!). Also, when the batteries are low it sends a alert to your phone rather than chirping that annoying sound!!! 

You can read more reviews about Roost here and on my absolute favorite website Fast Company.

Don't wait in making your home safer, especially if you have a little one. Check out Roost battery and smoke detector today!