Jacket from Poppy Store Marin

Jacket from Poppy Store Marin

Monday was the first official day of the school year for Lillian. She attended the preschool summer program and we are all so happy! I absolutely LOVE seeing all of the photos in my feeds from the first day of school. While a few moms have shared how tearful and fearful they feel, I have to share that neither Lillian nor Jesse and I shed a tear.

See, Lillian has been going to daycare since she was 8 months old and I can honestly say that she has grown so much and continues to thrive because of all of the wonderful experiences she has had outside of our house under the care of other adults who genuinely love her. We have been so fortunate to have great teachers and caregivers for her,

Having worked in schools for years, and following my mom's example, I truly know that the experiences Lillian will have at school are far better than I could ever provide. I mean, there's outdoor space, sand, trains galore, social interaction, art, dance-- everything.

It's been incredible to watch Lillian seamlessly adjust to preschool and I am proud of her. I miss her during the day and can't wait to pick her up. I am excited for her!! Really, watching her grow is one of the most incredible parts of parenting.

Good luck to all the parents and teachers out there!


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I am beyond THRILLED to finally share what I have been working on for the past couple of months.... The Bundle of Joy, a company that makes gift-giving easy and meaningful. I had been stewing on this idea for a company last year and when things got busier for me, it took a backseat. What actually inspired me to move forward with it was the focus on giving. I feel like our world could use more generosity and thoughtfulness.I am delighted that I have created a company based entirely on giving.

You can read all about The Bundle of Joy story here, shop our Bundles, such as the Home from the Hospital, Dad Swag, OOO- Out of Office, and custom corporate Bundles.

This is a labor of love and truly comes from the heart and I am excited because it's just the beginning. I have a lot of ideas and plans in motion for The Bundle of Joy!

I also want to thank everyone who helped with this exciting purposeful project!



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We just got back from three nights away in Lake Tahoe and it was heavenly! The weather was perfect, the lake was beautiful and the quality family time was just what we needed. While we love to do weekends away in Sonoma, the last time we took a three night vacation was in December when we went to Bacara! With so much going on for Jesse at work and my new company we don't really take long vacations. We both were able to unplug and just be present. Lillian was cracking us up all weekend!!

Lake Tahoe is always magical and this year was especially fun. When we were leaving Sunday morning I said to Jesse we should come back for Labor Day! Lake Tahoe reminds me that the best life is the one in which you get in the water!!

We stayed in North Shore and loved rafting down the river, hanging at the lake and relaxing while the clouds rolled in.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Now back to the grind! Lillian is off at her first official day of preschool! She participated in the summer program so today is the first day of the school year!


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