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Versailles is one of the most beautiful achievements of 18th-century French art. The site began as Louis XIII’s hunting lodge before his son Louis XIV transformed and expanded it, moving the court and government of France to Versailles in 1682. Each of the three French kings who lived there until the French Revolution added improvements to make it more beautiful.

I first visited Versailles over ten years ago. I was so eager to see the Sun King's room, the Hall of Mirrors, the courtyard, and the gardens because we had studied it extensively in our art history courses. It was so breathtaking and I immediately fell in love.

Last summer, I had the opportunity to return to  Chateau de Versailles. It was even more beautiful the second time around. I did not want to miss any thing, so I walked slowly on the tour, taking in every single detail: the textiles, tile patterns, window design, perfectly placed bricks, the fabric-covered walls, oil paintings, statues, patterns in the carpet, and more. It was heaven for me!

Here are a few photos from our trip to Versailles. I love imagining what life was like at that time. If Neiman Marcus existed in the 18th century, I imagine that the royals and members of the court would love these perfect 10 pairs.

rear of the palace.

rear of the palace.

my sister claire at versailles.

my sister claire at versailles.